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Alina Pete headshot.jpg

Alina Pete

From Little Pine First Nations, SK

Lives & works in Surrey, BC, CA


Alina Pete (they/them) is a Cree artist and writer from Little Pine First Nation in western Saskatchewan. They are best known for their Aurora award-winning webcomic, Weregeek (, but they also write short stories, poems and RPG supplements, and their work has been featured in several comic anthologies, including Moonshot Vol. 2 & 3. They are an editor and cultural consultant on Cautionary Fables and Fairy Tales: North America.

Published Works:

Weregeek (Webcomic) 

  2007-2021, artist and writer

ka'tepwa: Who Calls?,

   Moonshot Vol. 2, writer

Digital Bird and the Bitter Spirit 

   Moonshot Vol. 3, writer

Thunderbird, MegaFauna 

   Cloudscape Comics, artist/writer

Cedar and Sage.

   Bones of the Coast,

   Cloudscape Comics, writer

Life Finds a Way

   Comic anthology, lead editor

Ohunkakan : The Living Story   

   RPG setting, Monte Cook

   Games, writer

Echoes of the Plague Times 

   Animated Comic, Storyworks, 

   artist and writer

• Brain Gremlins.

Through The Labyrinth of the Mind,

Cloudscape Comics,


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